I left to go travelling and left a roll of impossible film in my Polaroid camera, meaning when I came back this film was about 6 months out of date. I wanted to see what kind of results I got using expired Impossible film. I found little information about this on the internet, plus I may as well use up the last of that pack at £2 a picture eh?

The results can be seen above, generally the results weren’t great. The earlier pictures (when the film was only a few months expired) came out better than the more recent ones which the chemicals haven’t spread evenly and the colours have gone particularly funny. It’s interesting to note the stark difference in colour with the earlier 2 shots, I think this was due to a massive difference in temperature when the Polaroids where shot (the blueish tone one was shot on a very cold day).

Anyways! I hope this was useful to someone, I personally wouldn’t advise buying any out of date Polaroid film.

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