Here you will find my full range of products – either created or curated by Joelle Poulos. As you may or may not know I live to create! This is the place I channel a lot of my creativity. You will find framed and unframed prints of my art + photography (the vast majority of what is displayed in my main portfolio is for sale here). I also sell a few other miscellaneous arty things such as stickers, postcards and photoshop curves/actions. My absolute pride and joy though are my temporary tattoos (custom temporary tattoos are also available!) I create the vast majority of the temporary tattoo designs myself, but I also have a few incredible contributing artists whom I sell designs on the behalf of (I couldn’t do it without you guys!). I’m always on the hunt for new awesome artists, feel free to contact me if you are interested! I have also created a temporary tattoo charity range which £1 of every temporary tattoo sold gets given to a great charity. All temporary tattoos are lovingly created + cut in house (made in the UK!). Prints are also professionally printed here in the UK.

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