As a jewellery designer committed to sustainable living, I take pride in my practices that prioritize the environment and ethical sourcing. One of the key aspects of my sustainable jewellery practices is the use of recycled silver. All scrap metal that is generated during the creation process is carefully collected and sent to be recycled. This ensures that no silver goes to waste and reduces the need for mining new silver, which can have harmful environmental impacts. By incorporating recycled silver into my designs, I am able to contribute to the circular economy and promote a more sustainable approach to jewellery making.

In addition to using recycled silver, I also make sure that all the stones used in my jewellery are either upcycled or ethically sourced. For instance, I often incorporate seaglass into my designs, which is collected from beaches and transformed into beautiful pieces of jewellery. This not only gives a unique and distinctive look to my creations but also helps in reducing waste and preserving the natural beauty of our oceans. Furthermore, I ensure that any other stones used in my jewellery are ethically sourced, meaning they are obtained from mines that adhere to fair labour practices and do not contribute to environmental degradation.

Furthermore, I am committed to minimizing waste in all aspects of my business, including packaging. All the packaging materials I use are either recyclable or reused. This means that when you purchase one of my pieces, you can rest assured that the packaging it comes in will not end up in a landfill. By opting for recyclable or reused packaging materials, I aim to reduce the carbon footprint associated with my business and promote a more sustainable approach to packaging.

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