Boho Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatchers are a Native American tradition which derives from their beliefs that both good and bad dreams fill the night air. By hanging a dreamcatcher near your bed, the bad dreams are caught in the web and perish with the first light of the new day. The good dreams however, know how to pass through and slide down the soft feathers to the sleeping person in the room. Our dreamcatchers are handmade, using leather wrapping for superior quality and texture. This particular one off dreamcatcher features iridescent feathers, hand-painted beads (painted in latin America) and a cowrie shell.

>> We do custom orders if you would like a custom dreamcatcher made just contact us! <<

➵ Handmade item

➵ 15cm Diameter (approximately)

➵ Only one will ever be made!



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Boho Dreamcatcher
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