Xenia – Spinner Ring



Looking for a unique accessory that’s both stylish and functional? Look no further than our sterling silver spinner ring! Handcrafted in my Cornish studio using recycled metal, this stunning ring features three bands that spin around a thick, textured band, creating ever-changing art that’s sure to catch the eye. Plus, with a ball of 9ct gold adding a touch of luxury, this ring is the perfect statement piece for any bohemian fashionista. But that’s not all – our spinner ring is also the perfect fidget jewelry! Whether you’re sitting at your desk, waiting in a long line, or simply need something to occupy your hands, this ring is sure to keep you entertained.
With a lightly tapered design for optimal comfort, you’ll never want to take it off. At my studio, I’m committed to sustainability, which is why our spinner ring is made from recycled silver. 

> Made from sterling silver and a ball of 9ct gold

> Ready to ship!

> Ring size L/5.5, can be sized up to one ring size larger if needed



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Xenia – Spinner Ring
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