My love for photography began at 12 years old when I gained access to a cheap digital camera and quickly developed into a lifelong passion. I learned all that I could about the basics of photography and Photoshop, and I soon started experimenting and developing my unique style. Photography became more than simply an art form; it became an avenue between the world and myself, providing me a way to communicate with others authentically and with great depth – without the use of words. My collection of 40+ film cameras get their time to shine regularly as I adore to capture the beauty of my everyday life, from the way the golden morning light reflects off my coffee cup to the little folds and stains on the paperbacks I carry with me everywhere. And I absolutely love film – the human, living quality of it, with its unpredictability and little imperfections. When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me reading, playing the guitar, travelling, or scuba diving. I am an avid diver and dive guide. I love exploring the underwater world and doing my part to try to save our earth through the various conservation initiatives I work closely with.

I turned my passion for art into a business in 2011. I was only 16 years old at the time, and unable to find a job. I started developing a range of kitschy jewellery, opened an Etsy shop and, have never looked back! A younger me never imagined how starting a business would change her art and, ultimately, her life for the better.

My business has evolved into a beautiful array of services because of my varied interests. I’ve developed skills in a variety of creative areas, including documentary wedding photography, modern artwork and, art prints, custom tattoo design, graphic design, and custom jewellery. Whether you need me to photograph your one-in-a-million wedding or to give you your very first stick-and-poke tattoo, my skills and expertise are sure to meet (and surpass) your expectations. A small piece of me goes into everything I create and I take great pride in providing nothing but the highest quality services.

I am blessed to be able to do what I love every day, creating is truly what I live and breathe. It is an honour to capture your most sacred moments and help you express yourself through photography, ink, art prints, and more. I am excited to see what we create together!


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