Self Portraits

This body of work has been created over a number of years, it’s a deep exploration of mental illness and our “inner demons”. Mental illness was something I previously struggled with for many years, and I used photography as an outlet for my feelings and emotions during this time. Due to a swift recovery, I haven’t added to this work in many years, however, like to look back on these images to reminisce all these unimaginably strong emotions I once felt.

Mental illness is often under-discussed and still a slightly taboo subject. My objective with this work was to shock and bring to light something which is rarely discussed and often swept under the rug.

A huge influence to this work has and always will be Francesca Woodman, a tortured artist who captured visceral self-portraits on film. She tragically took her life at a young age.

My process here was always to dream up the most distressing imagery possible, drawn from my own feelings and emotions. The more shocking the better. With a combination of film photography and the magic of Photoshop, I could bring these images in my head to fruition.