Firstly, I would recommend buying my starter kit here. It’s really good value, and will give you the vast bulk of what you need to start silversmithing!


Cooksongold – Great for silver supplies, wouldn’t recommend for purchasing of tools (ebay/amazon are often cheaper)

If you are starting out, I would recommend purchasing bezel wire in both widths (0.3 cm and 0.5 cm). I’d also purchase some ring wire (3x2mm D shaped wire is a good starting point). I’d also purchase some sheet silver, I’d also go for 10x10cm of sheet silver that is at least 0.4mm thick (If you can go for 0.5mm even better).

Metal Clays 4 You – Good for some unusual wires, solderable accents, etc.

Curious Gem – Good for pre-fabricated bezel cups, also have a large silver charm selection.


For cheap and cheerful, I’d recommend ebay. I often purchase in bulk from Indian sellers, as these are the most affordable cabochons. I’ve never had an issue with a package not turning up.

For slightly nicer/higher quality gemstones Etsy is a good bet.

Kernow Craft also has a great range, but they are on the more expensive side of things.

Other Tools You May Need

Lighter Gas

Raw Hide Hammer

Chasing Hammer

Baby Bottle Warmer

Ring Mandrel

Ring Sizer


Ring Clamp

Solder Cutting Pliers


Dremel + Flex Shaft

Nylon Pliers

Pliers Set

Polishing Compound

Rubber Dremel Bits

Polishing Dremel Pieces

Grinding + Polishing Dremel Pieces

Sharpie Set

Bench Block

Sand Bag

Tin Snips

4 Way Nail Buff

Beeswax Bars

Small Pots– For storing your solder chips

Pyrex Jug– For quenching your pieces

Bench Vice

Magnifying Headset


Tools To Think About Long Term (Buy As + When Needed)

Ring Stretcher

Rolling Mill

Ring Bender

Tubing Jig

Doming/Dapping Block– For making spinner rings/other 3d objects

Magnetic Tumbler

These Triblets – Great for making bezels for unusual shaped stones

Ball Vise


For Stamping Projects

The most famous brand is Impressart, which can be purchased from Cooksongold. However, this seller does knockoff ones for about half the price. You can get some amazing stamps designed for leatherwork, however these are more often than not, not made from hardened steel so will not create a good enough indent in your work.

I’d also recommend these Mini Punches

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