So I recently took the dive and purchased Nik Collection (an adobe photoshop extension). As I’m trying to get into wedding photography I really did feel this was a must for my photo editing. I did a little video review of the Nik Collection software (below). I can only say I am absolutely in love with this software, especially the film effects (being able to shoot digitally and almost replicate film = best. thing. ever!). The only downside I have found (and it’s a big one) as this extension is a huge memory hog and makes my computer run crazy slow (it actually jams all the time when I’m using this).

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  1. Hi Joelle,
    You might find this interesting – I used it when Nik was continuously crashing on me, but I’ve also found it has improved the performance quite a lot, especially Silver Efex, which I use most these days.
    But I should say I use a PC (going by your video I see you’re on a Mac), and also that I’m not sure of other effects of following the above! So proceed with caution, if you decide to proceed at all!

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