I compiled a actionable bunch of etsy seo tips to help your listings rank and gain you unlimited targeted traffic.

For y’all who don’t know what SEO stands for it’s search engine optimisation, in the case of etsy listings it’s modifying them to appear higher for specific search terms that people are already searching for – you don’t want to rank for a term that no one searches for right?

Compared to the amount of work to rank for a similar term in google, ranking well on etsy is a piece of cake. You can rank in minutes, on google it can take months. Not to mention that the people who tend to search on etsy are often looking to buy, whereas google traffic isn’t like that and tends to have a high bounce rate.

So how do you find good search terms to rank for?

If you where trying to rank on google, I would probably tell you to head over to google keyword planner, but people do search for different things on etsy than they do in google.

Head over to etsy.com and in the search bar on the most BASIC level type what you sell. E.g “necklace”. Some great keywords come up such as “long necklace”, “statement necklace”, “silver necklace”. These are all things people search for frequently on etsy. It’s also worth trying to put a space before and after your word which will show some more results.

Write some of these keywords down.

Now think a little out the box and different ways of phrasing what you are selling… is it an Accessory? A good birthday gift? Mothers day gift? Personalised? Apparel? Wall Art? Jewellery?

Type some of your more basic but out of the box ideas into the search bar also and write them down. Ones I like to look at are things like: birthday gifts, gifts for women, gift ideas, and things like that. When I’m selling clothes I always type in things like: apparel, womens, mens. If I’m selling prints look at things like: wall art, wall décor, prints… you get the idea!

So how do you then rank for these keywords?

It’s simple – focus on one good (preferably several words) keyword. Place it in your title, description a few times, tags, possibly even your materials too.  You can easily rank for several key terms by including them also in your title (it won’t look pretty but it will work!) and your description once.

Don’t put it your focus keyword in too many times, as you might get considered spam.

My titles are entirely made up of keywords, for example:

My old title would’ve have been like this pre etsy SEO: Wolf Hyperrealist Sketch Print

My current title: Wolf Fine Art PRINT, Illustration Print, Art Print, Pencil Drawing, Pencil Sketch, Wall Print, Home Decor, Wolf Print, Wolf Drawing Drawings

Look at how many more key terms are there and how many more people are likely to search for any of these terms!

With that particular listing I referenced above I currently rank No. 1 of nearly 32,000 results for the term “wolf” just by implementing the above technique.

And in less than 3 months I have gained 45,000 views through etsy alone mainly due to my high rankings for a number of keywords.

Last years stats. The highlighted month is around the time I started implementing SEO techniques (I went from way less than 500 views per month to 7k and then proceeded up to around 20k).

Something I should also mention, on etsy you only rank really well for a keyword once. So there is no point in targeting the same focus keyword for every listing. If you do get stuck for keywords, I speak about a fair few alternatives (aimed at google, but still useful) on this blog post on SEO basics.

Also, if you have lots of etsy listings (like I did!) I would recommend using BETSI (an etsy bulk listing editing app) it will save you SO much time!

It may be time consuming and a little boring, but it one of the most worthwhile ways to invest your time.

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