Tips For Where To Apply Temporary Tattoo

1. Apply your temporary tattoo to clean and dry skin. The area applied should have minimal hair or be shaved before applying.

2. There are certain places that are much better to apply temporary tattoos than others. Places that rub lots (e.g sides of fingers, hands, feet) are not going to have a long temporary tattoo life. The best places I’ve found to apply temporary tattoos are the thigh and the top of the arm.

How To Make Your Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

1. Hot water is TERRIBLE for temporary tattoos, never apply a temporary tattoo with hot water (I myself had an instance where I accidentally ran hot water on my temporary tattoo, it came off very shortly after). Showering after applying your tattoo is a big no no. The tattoo needs a few hours to adhere to your skin properly and won’t withstand hot water during that time. After that hot water still isn’t ideal, but showering shouldn’t be an issue. After showering make sure you pat your temporary tattoo, not rub.

2. Often after applying your temporary tattoo they look shiny. This is caused by adhesive plastic that coats + seals the tattoo. This will come of naturally over a day or two anyways, but here are a few ideas if you want it removed sooner: Rubbing alcohol (known as surgical spirit in the uk) + water or caster oil (I use water for convince) made in to a 50:50 solution which is then painted on. Liquid bandaid (an american product I’m sure) I’ve read (never tested) is supposed to not only remove shine but helps prolong the life of the temporary tattoo too! Talcum/Face Powder can simply be brushed on to make your tattoo more matt.

3. Avoid putting lotions, suncream and perfume on your temporary tattoo.

How To Remove Temporary Tattoos

1. I’ve found the best method to remove a temporary tattoo is to simply rub it. The longer the tattoo has been on the skin the harder it is to apply. If that method doesn’t work try simply sticking household tape on your tattoo and pulling it off.

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  1. How long does it normally last?

    That article useless. doesnt even make sense.

    • Hello,
      Longer than temporary tattoos would last normally (which is 2-5 days) = completely depends on the brand and location.

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