So Joelle – where the heck have you been for nearly 6 months?
That’s quite a story actually, after practically running off to India for a month what followed was a pretty unsuspecting but huge personal loss resulting in me leaving Cornwall for good and throwing me fully back into the universe and all it has to offer. Due to this a lot of incredible adventures have followed one after another, I haven’t stopped moving and living out of a backpack since mid June. I’m absolutely loving it.

Following a series of exceedingly unlikely events I found myself here in Chios helping with the refugee crisis, I’ve been here 2 months and plan on staying for another month or so. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and events so far, that I can’t quite put into words.

If you are interested in hearing more regularly from me about the day to day life of a refugee camp feel free to have a look at my blog which I update nearly daily with photographs, thoughts and stories heard. I’m also fundraising for this heartbreaking cause here. The money goes to a huge variety of things but I do a lot of art sessions with the children of suda and english lessons with the adults.”

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