Over the past few years I have done a decent amount of urban exploring. Here is some tips/advice that I have gathered for you…

finding locations…

  • 28 days later is a great online resource where people discuss abandoned sites and post updates on sites too. However, members are often funny about sharing where locations are and how they got in.
  • Simply look when driving/travelling, I often pin locations on google maps or write them down.
  • Generally speaking, in more wealthier areas and citys derelict buildings are likely to be knocked down quickly, you are more likely to find sites in the country. For instance, I saw a huge amount of derelict houses and buildings driving through the spanish mountains.
  • Remember that if a site is really good it’s likely to be far away. Be prepared to travel.
  • Ask locals or people who have lived in the area for a long time. Almost every site I have visited I have found out through friends by simply asking. I have personally found that not asking for directions but a google maps screenshot with a pin in the right place is far more effective.


  • Always bring a torch. Houses are often have boarded up windows on the first floor making them almost pitch black. If all else fails use the iPhones built in torch. And always bring some food, especially if you are doing a big explore… as the nearest place you can get any sort of food may be far away.
  • Wear a good pair of shoes, you never know what the ground will be like. I often wear my Doc Martens.
  • Always bring a friend and let someone else know where you are heading.

once in

  • be quiet and respectful
  • be wary of how strong the structure of the building is, especially if you are going on the 2nd or 3rd floor. I once nearly fell through the 2nd floor of a building. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • Squatters are unlikely unless the building has been recently abandoned, eventually the building becomes too harsh living conditions even for a squatter.
  • At least in the UK (I’m not sure about other countries) trespassing is not illegal, you can only be prosecuted if the owner can prove you damaged something (e.g kicked in a door). All they can do otherwise is kick you off the land. If this does happen it’s worth asking if you can get a permission visit (what have you got too lose?).

Please note: this is just some advice from my person experience. I will not be held liable for any injures or damage. Stay safe!

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